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Want to Sell Your Raw Land?

Dave Buys is buying land in Rio Rancho, NM and the surrounding areas!

Maybe you're finding yourself in one or more of these situations:

  • Currently own land in the middle of nowhere that you can't seem to sell

  • Your land is sitting there with little to no plans for further development

  • Property taxes taking their toll year after year

  • Your raw land still needs to be leveled or cleared

  • Your property has been sitting on the market for months without any progress

  • This property is a part of an inheretance, but you aren't interested in keep it

  • Expensive fees and commission have prevented you from selling it in the past

Sell Your Land for Cash!

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If any of the above scenarios are hitting a little too close to home, we can help!  As you might have already experienced, land can take longer than houses take to sell due to the smaller market.  However, you've come to the right place because we are land experts and close much faster than you might on your own or going through an agent.  We are prepared to pay a phenomenal cash deal for your land today!

Worried we won't buy your type of lot?  We'll buy almost any type including suburban, city, water, farming, rural, with or without utilities, or even advertising lots.  

Fill Out This Form to Get Started!

If you want to skip the form and speak with someone directly, simply call 505-892-5965 anytime!

Sell Your Land for Cash!

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